I find that it is rare to see people pouring their heart into something. This is such a great project for such an amazing cause. If you only support one project, let it be this one - let’s support our kids; let’s support our future!
— Marcus Kowal: Systems Training Center Owner, 2nd Degree Krav Maga Blackbelt, Pro MMA Fighter
Christos Giagos
I think the Mana Kids Foundation is an awesome program to help kids follow their dreams. Growing up, I felt the pains of not being able to afford new equipment; I was forced to use the nasty, shared gear. I wish I had something like this when I was younger, a foundation that sponsors kids helping them do what they love while keeping them off the streets.
— Christos Giagos: UFC Fighter, RFA and Tachi Palace Champion
Dmitry Gerasimov
Throughout my life martial arts has been a source of discipline, focus, and self-reflection. The Mana Kids Foundation is providing the same opportunities for personal development to the children that need it most. There are few causes more noble.
— Dmitry Gerasimov: RFA Veteran, Pro MMA Fighter, Instructor