MKF Monthly Award Winners

Each month we award a scholarship to a child actively training in martial arts who demonstrates exceptional progress in any of the eight categories of our philosophy. The scholarship pays for one free month of continued training at the child's martial arts academy.

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(This could be your student)

Jan. 2017

If you would like to nominated a student that embodies our philosophy, please contact us. 

Brianna and Yahir Duran

Dec. 2016

In true holiday spirit, we gave away two awards for December. This brother and sister duo have been active competitors in BJJ and consistently give their 100% in practice. After receiving this award, both won first place at the local Dream BJJ tournament. 

Ruben Camel

Nov. 2016

Nominated by Coach Angel Diaz of Systems Training Center, "Ruben has been consistent and always excited to learn. He continuously challenges himself by training with the bigger and older students, and loves to help any new students that come to class." Ruben demonstrates a courageous and competitive spirit while understanding the importance of teamwork and helping others. Congratulations, Ruben. Keep up the training.